When The (Impersonal) Force Awakens…

In the previous post we explored why post-Christian cultures have been drawn to the Star Wars myth concerning the religion of The Force.  You can read the first part by clicking here:  Part 1 Now in this final part I wanted to reflect on the most recent Star Wars movie that was released in theaters … Continue reading When The (Impersonal) Force Awakens…

The Best of the Catholic Web

For many, it is not so much a lack of choices that keep us from encountering the best, but their overabundance that can overwhelm us and paralyze us.  Western Culture has made choice one of the many gods of this age; to choose for the sake of choosing instead of choosing what is the best … Continue reading The Best of the Catholic Web

Children Will Listen: Into the Woods and Out of the Court

Careful the things you say Children will listen Careful you do them too Children will see And learn Tamper with what is true And children will turn If just to be free Careful before you say "Listen to me" Children will listen Careful the tale you tell That is the spell Children will listen (Lyrics … Continue reading Children Will Listen: Into the Woods and Out of the Court

Foxcatcher and The Two Cities

“The earthly city glories in itself, the Heavenly City glories in the Lord.”  ― Augustine of Hippo, City of God "I want to be the best in the World.  I want to win gold.  This is more than just some piece of medal.  It's about what the medal represents.  The virtues it requires to attain … Continue reading Foxcatcher and The Two Cities