2019-2020 (Liturgical Year A)

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time: Transcript / Scripture |”Do you know Jesus? It’s the only way to really know yourself.”

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Audio / Transcript / Scripture | “Will you enter Jesus’ rest?”

12th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Transcript /Scripture | “Be not afraid.”

Holy Trinity Sunday (First Masses as a Priest): Video 1 (9am) ; Video 2 (11am) / Transcript / Scripture | “The God who keeps on giving.”

6th Sunday of Easter: Video 1 (Full Mass); Video 2 (Homily Only) / Transcript / Scripture- 1st Reading; 2nd Reading & Gospel | “How do you pray on your worst day?”

3rd Sunday of Easter: Video / Transcript / Scripture | “Are you on a pilgrimage?”

Easter Vigil of Holy Week 2020: Video / Transcript / Scripture | “This is the night.”

Holy Thursday of Holy Week 2020: Video 1 (facebook)/Video 2 (youtube)/Transcript/ Scripture | “The three gifts Jesus shares on this Holy Thursday night”

2nd Sunday of Lent/March 8, 2020: Audio / Transcript / Scripture | “Have you ever given up noise for Lent?”

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time/January 26, 2020: Audio / Transcript / Scriptures | “Will the bible keep you Catholic?”

Fourth Sunday of Advent/December 22, 2019: Audio/Transcript/Scriptures

2018-2019 (Liturgical Year C)

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe/November 24, 2019: Audio/ Transcript/ Scriptures | “Jesus is King with an eternal Kingdom” |(Includes Conversion story of Deacon Michael from Evangelical to Catholic Christianity)

Solemnity of All Saints/November 1, 2019: Audio / Transcript / Scriptures | “Are you ready for more?”

29th Sunday of OT/ October 20, 2019: Audio / Transcript / Scriptures | “Prayer is no joke. Are you like the old man, Johnny, or the widow?”

26th Sunday of OT/ September 29, 2019: Audio / Transcript / Scriptures| “Are you becoming big enough for hell or small enough for heaven?”

Lazarus and Jesus from the Lumo Project: All the Gospels dramatized with complete narration. Click the image to see a video clip of the Gospel reading for today.

23rd Sunday of OT/September 8, 2019: Audio / Transcript / Scriptures  |“Did you come to be a disciple?”

20th Sunday of OT/August 18, 2019Audio / Transcript / Scriptures  | “Will we let Jesus set a fire in our hearts?”

Solemnity of the Assumption/August 15, 2019:  Audio / Transcript / Scriptures  |“God’s epilogue to our Salvation story!”

17th Sunday of OT/July 28, 2019:  AudioTranscript / Scriptures  “What were you baptized for?”

13th Sunday of OT/June 30, 2019:  Transcript / Scriptures  “What will we do with our freedom?”

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity/June 16, 2019: Transcript / Scriptures “Can you explain the Most Holy Trinity?”

Older homilies…

Good Friday/ April 19, 2019:  Transcript / Scriptures  “The odd & lovely Catholic things we do.”

5th Sunday in OT/February 10, 2019:  Transcript Scriptures  “Far from the shallow now…”

 4th Sunday in OT/February 3, 2019:  Transcript / Scriptures  “Where’s the good news?”

Epiphany of the Lord Homily/January 6, 2019:  Transcript / Scriptures  “The Two Kings”

Feast of the Holy Family/December 30, 2018:  Transcript / Scriptures  “Something is the matter with daddy!”

Sunday of the 2nd Sunday of Advent/Dec. 8, 2018: Transcript / Scriptures  “Are we blocking or preparing the way of the Lord?”