The Best of the Catholic Web

For many, it is not so much a lack of choices that keep us from encountering the best, but their overabundance that can overwhelm us and paralyze us.  Western Culture has made choice one of the many gods of this age; to choose for the sake of choosing instead of choosing what is the best good for ourselves and, in turn, for our neighbor and our world.

What I want to provide in this brief web post is a list of some of the best Catholic content that can be found on the internet at this time.  There may be others who have provided such a list, and if so, I am glad that they have. One such example comes from Our Sunday Visitor.  Their post is a couple years old now and a little bit longer.  If this list is helpful to you, I hope it helps you in all the best ways to deepen your faith in Christ and experiencing a deeper life in His Catholic Church!

So here it goes!

For those exploring the Catholic faith or for those seeking to return:


The Coming Home Network

Calling All Converts

Catholics Come Home

Strange Notions (for those who may be more skeptical or those who would identify as Agnostic or Atheist)

Catholic Answers

Catholic Bridge

For Catholics seeking to grow in their faith:


Mass Times  (Find a parish near you to attend Mass, pray and grow in community)

Divine Office  (Begin praying the Liturgy of the Hours and see if friends or family will pray with you)

Spiritual Direction (the most neglected and yet one of the most important parts of our faith life.  To seek direction and grow in the vocation God has called you to.)

Online Bible (From the website:  “Come Aside”.  Offers different links depending on how you want to read)

Word on Fire

Dynamic Catholic

Integrated Catholic Life

St. Paul Center For Biblical Theology

Our Sunday Visitor

The New St. Thomas Institute  (online courses offered for a fee)

Catholic Online

Staying connected and current with the Catholic Church:


Aleteia Aleteia    (Seekers of the Truth)

Church Pop

The Vatican

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic News Service

Rome Reports

Patheos Catholic Channel  (blog articles that speak on current Catholic issues)







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