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My name is Michael.  I would first like you to know me as a Catholic Christian who seeks to follow the person of Jesus Christ in whom my hope for eternal life is found.  I grew up as a protestant evangelical Christian on the east coast of Long Island in the awesome state of New York.

I spent four years in Ohio attending a Christian evangelical university where I received a B.A. in Education.  I then entered the Army Chaplain program and attended an evangelical seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I completed my seminary studies and was weeks away from completing Army Chaplain Officer school when I experienced my first encounter with Catholic Christianity.

I was invited to a mass on base and after extensive discussions with a Catholic seminarian I came to conclude that the fullest, deepest, richest expression of the Christian faith endures in the Catholic Church.  I entered the Catholic Church during the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday 2011.

If you would like to watch the interview I did for The Journey Home program on the EWTN Catholic television channel:

If you are interested in reading a more detailed story about my conversion, you can click on the following article title:

From Narnia to Middle Earth:  An Unexpected Journey into the Catholic Church


These past few years have been full of joy as I have learned more about the history of Christianity and have found grace-filled opportunities to deepen my faith.  Today, I am in the seminary formation program for the Diocese of Grand Rapids to become a priest of Jesus Christ in His, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!

If you would like to talk with me about what I have shared or have any questions about my life and faith journey, you may contact me through the Facebook link below or you can contact me using this form:

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